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What We Offer

We evaluate your situation and recommend the right lining product and system to cost- effectively to meet your exact needs.
Unlike other lining companies, our lining chemist can formulate products to create custom product what will meet your plants unique needs, our engineer can develop the procedures to meet all different conditions to make correct installation for every individual project,

We provide high performance lining solution with the right price.

About Us

Ever since we started the business in the utility industry, we have helped countless plants with their special needs for plant water system.
Projects include demineralizers, tank berms, spent fuel pools, regeneration systems, chemical storage tanks, process tanks, fire water tanks, condensate storage tanks, suppression pools, underground piping, concrete chase….; Scope covers lining inspections for tank and piping, lining repair, rubber lining installation, composite lining installations, tank weld repairs, water system hardware supply, engineering support, safety support, nuclear specialist, engineering consulting, potential asbestos coating inspection ….., anything you need, we can provide!

Why Choose Us

As you know, 95% of lining failures on metal substrates are caused by human error during lining application.

LinTec eliminates that error with the use of dedicated procedures and application knowledge. Every project has a unique installation procedure as well as trained applicators with the knowledge of methods to prevent application errors. Over the years, LinStall’s Three-Step Program - “Planning, Procedures and Performance” has proven to significantly reduce project cost, schedule, impact on plant staff, and dramatically enhance the quality and performance of the plant system.

Our Mission

Your satisfactory is our priority concern. We understand the plant system and how frustrating when the systems don’t perform right.

Our crew is here to provide everything power plant engineers need to make their water treatment and process systems work at the highest efficiency. From inspection to lining installations, we provide both planning and turnkey solution that are done right the first time!