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Corrosion Protection can be Flexible-

FlexGuard lining systems are engineered with 100% solids (no solvents, no VOC’s) novalac resins. Novalac lining systems provide the most chemical resistance available with excellent heat resistance properties. Our lining systems were developed to provide maintenance and engineering staffs, responsible for managing their plants process systems, with high performance and cost effective lining systems.

(High Vibration Systems- Over the Road Tankers- Rail Cars & Tankers- Flexible Joint Repairs)


LinGuard 800 –– It is versatile, elastomeric coating designed to be used as a sealant for secondary containments and crack bridging for large spaces in concrete.

LinGuard 810 –– Used for bridge cracks and can serve as a Basecoat to protect less flexible top coats. Can also be top-coated on substrates subject to cracking, high vibration or other movement.

LinGuard 820 –– Has outstanding adhesion and can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces and tolerates less than ideal surface conditions.

LinGuard 830 –– Provides excellent protection against oil, 98% sulfuric, 60% nitric, inorganic acid and hot caustics as well as UV capabilities.

LinGuard 840 –– Paste grade elastomeric for joint and large holes needing repair.

LinGuard 850 –– High cross link density, ceramic filled novolac designed to provide long-term chemical resistance and immersion service. It even adhere to damp substrates.

LinGuard 980 –– Extreme flexibility up to150-200% elongation, specially good for concrete joints.