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Corrosion Protection & Budget Protection

ChemGuard lining systems are engineered with 100% solids (no solvents, no VOC’s) novalac resins. Novalac lining systems provide the most chemical resistance available with excellent heat resistance properties. Our lining systems were developed to provide maintenance and engineering staffs, responsible for managing their plants process systems, with high performance and cost effective lining systems.

(Lab Floors- Clarifiers- Demineralizers- Chemical Tankers- Storage Tanks- Industrial Floors)


LinGuard 500 –– An excellent petroleum storage tank and tanker lining system.

LinGuard 600 –– Ideal Pipe liner for chemical, petrochemical and refining industries.

LinGuard 620 –– An ideal choice for chemical regeneration system and storage tank floors.

LinGuard 630 –– Provide excellent adhesion to steel in excess of 3,000 psi (ASTM D4541).

LinGuard 650 –– Perform very well in applications ranging from hydrocarbon to raw sewage.

LinGuard 658 –– It is especially suited for repairing and protecting equipment exposed to severe wear in application such as slurries, pump internals and digesters.

LinGuard 660 –– Used to repair heavy pitting in cooling tower, metal tanks and cracked pump case housings.

LinGuard 1010 –– Salt compound solution for removing salt impurities from metal substrates.