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Corrosion Protection That Keeps You On Solid Ground-

CreteGuard lining systems are engineered with 100% solids (no solvents, no VOC’s) novalac resins. Novalac lining systems provide the most chemical resistance available. Our lining systems were developed to provide superior chemical protection to concrete substrates in all types of environments. CreteGuard™ is a cost effective lining solution to expensive concrete replacements and a must to protect the investment of new concrete installations.

(Industrial Floors- Concrete Restoration- Concrete berms- Concrete Sumps & Pitts)


LinGuard 900 –– Can be used on vertical or overhead surfaces.

LinGuard 910 –– Can be apply to green concrete as young as seven days.

LinGuard 930 –– Can be used on vertical or overhead surfaces.

LinGuard 950 –– Application include chutes, transition areas, loader buckets, dump beds and hoppers.

LinGuard 960 –– Excellent protection for aromatic, aliphatic solvents and alcohols.

LinGuard 970 –– Provides ling-term protection in sewage service.