: Lintec Corp Protective Lining


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Lintec provides you qualified crew and high quality service for you:

◦ Professional NACE Certified Lining Inspectors

◦ Experience and Knowledgeable Inspectors/ Supervisor

◦ Confine Space Trained and Experienced Inspectors/ Installer

◦ Engineering Support

◦ State of the Art Inspection Equipment

◦ Visual Documentation

◦ Detailed inspection/ Lining installation Reports

◦ Lining Systems Service Life Evaluation

Our Services

  • LinGuard

    LinGuard products and lining systems were developed to provide maintenance and engineering staffs responsible for managing their plants...

  • LinSpect

    Lining failure is something you don’t want to risk. The answer is our LinSpect program- Our NACE-Trained personnel will come to your site...

  • LinStall

    Complete “Turn Key” Installation- manage and provide skilled personnel that can support the removal, maintenance, and modifications...

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