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LinGuard Composite Lining System- Water Proof, Leach Proof and Cost Effective

LinGuard Composite Lining System provides the solution that eliminate issues cause by rubber linings. With the composite lining system, no future maintenance required!! it save time and money both in the short and long run. The Installation is fast and easy, after it finished no repairs needed in the future. You don’t have to worry about the problems caused by the concrete base and rubber linings.

Proven protection in immersion in acids & solvents such as : 98% sulfuric, 50% nitric, 25% acetic, 75% phosphoric, 50% hydrofluoric acid, MEK, Phosphates, Sulfides, White Liquor, Chlorides.

Our Services

  • LinGuard

    LinGuard products and lining systems were developed to provide maintenance and engineering staffs responsible for managing their plants...

  • LinSpect

    Lining failure is something you don’t want to risk. The answer is our LinSpect program- Our NACE-Trained personnel will come to your site...

  • LinStall

    Complete “Turn Key” Installation- manage and provide skilled personnel that can support the removal, maintenance, and modifications...

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